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Vidii is a revolutionary new flash player designed for every day use by anyone.

Site owners that operate a blog, tube, or homepage will be able enhance their site with live streaming video that is quick to load, and delivers video on demand.

There are dozens of different uses on how Vidii can help make your site better. It is easily customizable to meet your requirements and can seamlessly be integrated into your website interface.

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If you are looking for an easy way to embed FLV videos on your page; personal or business Vidii FLV Player can do the trick. Vidii player is free to use for personal web pages and blogs, and we ever offer a full feature Vidii Player Pro for professional use.

The professional version comes with great features like the ability to play preroll,midroll and proroll advertisements that can easily be integrated and linked through the admin panel. The pro version also comes up the ability to create your very own play lists and customize it to fit the look and feel of your site completely. Vidii Pro is a fully integratable FLV player that is ready to handle any level of web traffic. If you operate a small site, and need to feature advertisements in between or run one of the biggest online video sites where millions of hit's shower you each day Vidii Pro player can give you a reliable way to serve the FLV videos on demand.
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Vidii products give you a high-quality experience in the palm of your hand.
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Vidii products give you a high-quality experience in the palm of your hand.
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